New ‘Disney Parks Wild Sights’ Video Series

Want to learn how gorillas form groups and interact? What about how African bull elephants learn from each other? Or maybe you just love animals like we do and want to take a deeper dive into the magic of nature. Well, you’re in luck! We’re excited to share that starting today an all-new, short-form video mini-series “Disney Parks Wild Sights” will debut exclusively in the My Disney Experience app, showcasing the amazing animals that call Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park home. 

Featuring a variety of animals and the dedicated cast members who care for them, “Disney Parks Wild Sights” will take you on a journey to discover more about the diverse wildlife of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In each episode, you’ll meet a different animal, learn about what makes them unique and hear about the incredible bonds they form with their animal keepers.

“Disney Parks Wild Sights,” can be enjoyed at home. You can now check out so many fun features from wherever you may be.

From learning about the era-specific influences that shaped the world of Disney Parks to exploring Disney history or even virtually visiting destinations around the world, there’s so much to explore with just the tap of your fingers! And “Disney Parks Wild Sights” is just one of the new series that have recently debuted in the My Disney Experience or Disneyland apps.

In “Destination Disney,” travel to Disney parks and resorts around the world and discover what makes each of them both magically familiar and culturally distinct. Tune in to “Designing Disney Parks” to learn little-known stories about Disney Parks design history and inspiration or “Disney Parks Throwback” to take a trip back in time through Disney Parks history! Check out “Celebrate with Disney Parks” to enjoy highlights from holidays and other dates with stories inspired by our parks, cast members and our guests, and “Disney Date Night” to get some magical inspiration for your next date night or family hang out – with a Disney Parks twist!

Learn more about gorillas, elephants, zebras and more when “Disney Parks Wild Sights debuts today and don’t forget to check out the original docuseries from National Geographic, “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom,” on Disney+, starting September 25, for an even closer look at the work and Imagineering that goes into caring for the animals at Walt Disney World Resort. 

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