News: Update to Disney’s Magical Express Service at Walt Disney World Resort

Beginning July 16, 2020, there will be some modifications taking place for Disney’s Magical Express. Complimentary airport transportation service for Guests arriving and departing from Orlando International Airport will still be operating. However, luggage delivery service will not be provided.

If you choose to use Disney’s Magical Express, you will be responsible for picking up any of your checked luggage from the airport’s baggage claim area and taking it to the motor coach. The motor coach will store your luggage underneath and transport it to your Disney Resort hotel. It will be on the same motor coach as you.

Once you arrive to your Disney Resort hotel, there will be luggage assistance available at the front to store your luggage and/or transport it to your room.

For departure, the resort airline check-in service will not be offered at this time. That means that you will need to make sure your luggage is with you when you are checking out of your Disney Resort hotel. Your luggage will be stored underneath the motor coach that you ride in as you depart for the airport. Once you arrive to Orlando International Airport, you will take your luggage with you from the motor coach so you can check it in with the airline you are flying.

Please email me or comment below with any questions!

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